From Sighișoara to Sibiu - 2 days tour - self-guided

This two days self-guided tour will take you from Sighisoara to Sibiu through the Saxon villages so famous for their fortified churches. You will ride for more than 100 km on low traffic asphalt roads and pass through traditional villages having the chance to take a glimpse at their slow paced life.


Day 1 - Valchid - Copșa Mare - Biertan - Richiș - Agnita - Veseud - 56 km (35 miles)
Day 2 - Veseud - Agnita - Alțâna - Nocrich - Hosman - Sibiu - 70 km (43 miles)

In the morning of the first day you will be picked up from your hotel in Sighișoara and car transferred to Valchid (~20 minutes). From here you will start riding in the first day while we'll transfer your luggage to Sibiu.  After around 41 km you will arrive in Veseud where your dinner and room is already arranged.

First day highlights:

In the second day you will return to Agnita and continue riding to Sibiu on the good quality main road. The Museum in Alțâna and the Old Mill in Hosman will be the highlights of the day.

Second day highlights:

After visiting Hosman you can choose if you want to continue riding to Sibiu (~25 km / 15 miles) or if you prefer a car transfer. Whether you choose to ride to Sibiu or whether we pick you up earlier, when arriving to your hotel we'll bring your luggage and pick-up the bikes.

You will find a complete description of the places you will visit, as well as contact details and other tips, in the printed guide we'll give you on the first day. Some visits have to be confirmed in advance and we'll take care of this.


  • fully equipped bike
  • helmet
  • tools
  • medical kit
  • panniers
  • bike lock
  • printed map
  • printed guide of the places to visit
  • Bikemap app map + bike phone holder + external battery
  • arrangements for accommodation (1 night), dinner, breakfast and sandwiches for the second day
  • luggage transfer from Sighisoara to Sibiu
  • car transfer from Sighișoara to Valchid (and from Hosman to Sibiu if needed)


  • accommodation, dinner, breakfast and sandwiches - all of them ~ 35 euro/pers. in double room
  • tickets or donations


Starting from Sighișoara

Suitable for any weather.

100 % asphalt


Book your trip anytime between April and October

Please check our reservation calendar before booking a tour.