Land of Calata - 4 days tour - self-guided

This 4 days tour will take you through the land of Calata, an ethnographic region in which Hungarians and Romanians have lived together for centuries influencing each other's customs, traditions and language. By taking this tour you will have a truly off the beaten path experience in Transylvania, visiting remote villages and riding through tranquil, green valleys where only the sheep flocks disturb the silence.

You will start the trip high in the mountains where we will transfer you by car from Cluj. The return trip to city will be in the morning of the 4th day when we will take you back to Cluj from the village of Stana, the place where you'll spend the last night.


Day 1 - Mărișel - Beliș - Râșca - Mănăstireni - Văleni - Călata - Sâncraiu ~50km (31 miles)
Day 2 - Sâncraiu - Săcuieu - Bologa - Morlaca - Hodișu - Fildu de Sus - Stana ~61km (38 miles)

Day 3 - Stana - Petrinzel - Almașu - Cuzăplac - Arghișu - Ticu - Stana ~42km (26 miles)

Day 4 - Transfer back to Cluj

While the pristine nature and the Transylvanian mountains and rolling hills will follow you everywhere during the ride, each day you will discover something new. On day one of the trip you will enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the Apuseni mountains, where you'll spend half a day riding mostly downhill and then you'll enter the ethnographic region to visit some of the 13th century medieval fortified churches found in the hidden villages of this area. Their interiors, particularly their ceilings coffered with hand painted wooden panels are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Transylvania.

Day two and three will give you an insight on the wood craftsmanship of the Calata region as along the route, in villages, you will discover wooden gates adorned with floral motifs and the houses’ beautifully adorned wooden gable roofs. Also tucked away between hills and in unspoiled scenery you will also come across the ruins of a 14th century medieval fortress, an old watermill with a traditional whirlpool and a heritage wooden church built in 1727.

First day highlights:

  • Apuseni Mountains landscape
  • 13th century fortified Calvinist churches of Mănăstireni and Văleni

Second day highlights:

  • 18th century Romanian heritage wooden church in Fildu de Sus
  • Ruins of a 14th century medieval fortress in Bologa
  • The old watermill in Bologa

Third day highlights:

  • Remote villages of Petrinzel and Stana
  • The Crows Fortress - Varjuvar


  • fully equipped bike
  • helmet
  • tools
  • medical kit
  • panniers
  • bike lock
  • printed map
  • printed guide of the places to visit
  • Bikemap app map + bike phone holder + external battery
  • arrangements for accommodation (3 nights), dinner, breakfast and sandwiches for the lunch, which you will have to pay when you arrive at the property
  • luggage storage in Cluj - Napoca


  • accommodation in Cluj - Napoca
  • tickets or donations


Starting from Cluj - Napoca

Suitable for any weather.

80 % asphalt - 20% gravel


Deposit - €50

Book your trip anytime between April and October

Please check our reservation calendar before booking a tour.