The Saxon Transylvania - 8 Days Tour

The story of the Transylvanian Saxons begins in medieval times, soon after Transylvania was conquered by the Hungarian Kingdom. At that time, years of fierce fighting with the Tartars left the area defenseless in the wake of future invasions, so in the 12th century king Geza II invited German colonists, to whom he granted numerous privileges, to settle here and defend the southern and eastern borders of Transylvania and of the kingdom.

The industrious Saxons thrived and prospered over the course of eight centuries founding Siebenburgen, the land of seven legendary citadels and numerous other towns and villages. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a high density of fortified churches in such a small area, than in southern Transylvania. In fact every rural settlement founded by the Saxons has a church strengthened with defensive walls.   

Things took a turn for the worse for Romania and its people when the communists took over the country after the second world war. The country was in turmoil and no matter if you were Romanian, Saxon or Hungarian you were stripped off of your properties. So as soon as communism fell at the beginning of the 90s, the mass exodus of the Saxons followed. The vast majority decided to pursue happiness elsewhere, move to Germany and to leave Transylvania and Romania behind.

This 8 days cycling tour is about them and their lost world, their heritage and about the ones trying to preserve it and bring back to life. And although most of them have left a quarter of a century ago, the mark they left over the 8 centuries of inhabitance is visible all around. It includes everything from the iconic architecture of the villages to the wonderful fortified churches and the specific cuisine and traditions.


Day 1 - Sibiu - Cisnădioara - Cisnădie - Sadu - Avrig - Nucet - 56 km (35 miles)
Day 2 - Nucet - Hosman - Alțâna - Zlagna - Richiș - Biertan - 54 km (34 miles)
Day 3 - Biertan - Richiș - Moșna - Mediaș - Dârlos - Dupoș - Biertan - 45 km (28 miles)
Day 4 - Biertan - Pelișor - Apoș - Agnita - Veseud - 56 km (35 miles)
Day 5 - Rest day in Veseud
Day 6 - Dealu Frumos - Merghindeal - Cincu - Rodbav - Șoarș - Dacia - Viscri - 60 km (37 miles)
Day 7 - Viscri - Bunești - Criț - Meșendorf - Viscri - 36 km (22 miles)
Day 8 - Car transfer to Sibiu, Sighișoara or Brașov

The tour starts in Sibiu and soon after leaving the city you will have the feeling of stepping back in time as we will enter the Hârtibaciu Valley protected area and its rolling hills, perhaps the last intact rural medieval landscape in Europe. Villages are scattered all over this area, each with its own fortified church and people are still working the land using the raw force of animals, just like their predecessors did.

During the 6 days of riding we will enjoy beautiful nature, cycle through green valleys and forests and on some of the days we will catch site of the imposing Fagaras Mountains, the highest ones in Romania. Each day we will combine cycling with visits to different landmarks which we'll give you the chance to better grasp this part of Transylvania and of Romania. Think of hill top fortresses, world heritage Unesco sites like the fortified churches in Biertan and Viscri, remote and crumbling fortifications with an atipic beauty or the fascinating Interethnic Museum of the Hârtibaciu Valley that brilliantly succeeds at bringing together the most relevant cultural assets of Romanian, Hungarian, Saxons and Roma ethnic groups. Add to these, chance encounters with shepherds herding their flocks of sheep and a lunch in a peasant bio farm and the experience will be complete.



  • guide
  • fully equipped bike
  • helmet
  • 6 days of cycling
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 dinners, 7 breakfasts
  • lunch in a bio farm
  • sandwiches, fruits, nuts, snacks and water during riding
  • luggage transfer between accommodations
  • car transfer in the last day to Sibiu, Sighișoara or Brașov
  • tickets and donations


Distance:331km | Ascent:2670m | Descent:2580m

Starting from Sibiu

Suitable for any weather. If it happens to rain heavily, small modifications of the route could be made.

80% asphalt - 20% gravel and off-road

2-3 pers - €1620/pers.

4-6 pers. - €1390/pers.

Single supplement - €120

Deposit - €200

For the scheduled tours the price is €1390/pers. regardless of the number of participants.

Book your trip anytime between April and October.

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