The Saxon Transylvania - 4 days tour - self-guided

This 4 days self-guided tour will take you through the Saxon Transylvania, in central Romania, a historic region which was inhabited for hundreds of years by German ethnics who settled here in the 12th century. Although most of them have left a quarter of a century ago, the mark they left over the 7 centuries of inhabitance is visible all around. It includes everything from the iconic architecture of the villages to the wonderful fortified churches and the specific cuisine and traditions.

After a first day ride to Nucet, passing through the Saxon settlements around Sibiu, you will spend the next 3 days in the Hârtibaciu Valley area and its rolling hills, perhaps the last intact rural medieval landscape in Europe. Villages are scattered all over this area, each with its own fortified church and people are still work the land using the raw force of animals, just like their predecessors did.


Day 1 - Sibiu - Cisnădioara - Cisnădie - Sadu - Tălmaciu - Avrig - Săcadate - Nucet ~56km (35 miles)
Day 2 - Nucet - Hosman - Nocrich - Alțâna - Zlagna - Richiș - Biertan ~53km (33 miles)

Day 3 - Biertan - Copșa Mare - Ruja - Veseud ~44km (27 miles)

Day 4 - Veseud - Apold - Daia - Sighișoara ~69km (43 miles)

In the morning of the first day we'll bring the bicycles to your hotel, together with all the accessories. After you transfer in the panniers the stuff you need for the next 4 days, we'll transfer your luggage to the finish point of the tour, Sibiu or Sighisoara. Every evening the dinner and the rooms are already arranged. After you book the tour and we make the arrangements, we'll send you by email the exact amount in lei you have to pay for your group in every location.

First day highlights:

  • Cisnădioara fortress
  • Cisnădie
  • Brukenthal Palace from Avrig

Second day highlights:

Third day highlights:

Fourth day highlights:

  • Apold
  • Daia
  • Sighișoara


  • fully equipped bike
  • helmet
  • tools
  • medical kit
  • panniers
  • bike lock
  • printed map
  • printed guide of the places to visit
  • Bikemap app map + bike phone holder + external battery
  • arrangements for accommodation (3 nights), dinner, breakfast and sandwiches for the lunch
  • luggage transfer to Sibiu or Sighișoara


  • accommodation, dinner, breakfast and sandwiches
  • tickets or donations


Starting from Sibiu or Sighișoara

Suitable for any weather.

80 % asphalt - 20% gravel


Deposit - €50

Book your trip anytime between April and October

Please check our reservation calendar before booking a tour.