Follow our suggestions or build your own custom tour


How do you imagine your holiday? Have a look at out our carefully designed tours and if you feel you want to add something more or change anything, our team will gather all your wishes and offer you the trip of your dreams. It will be tailored to fit your schedule, curiosities, interests and needs.


Dates. Tell us when and for how long do you want to travel.

Persons. Tell us who and how many people are in your group. Any special event you want to celebrate?

Location. Where do you want to ride? If you don't have preferences, let our trip designers help you, based on your interests.

Your interests. Steep mountain tracks, traditional agriculture, beekeepers or fortified churches. Any interest you have, we will include it in your trip.


Tour prices depend on the number of days, accommodation, extra activities included and as well as on the number of persons joining the tour. We’ll try to adjust the services based on your needs. A family owned guest house can be cheaper and the experience more authentic than staying at a high end accommodation. Obviously, there are people who would prefer the comfort and privacy of the later. Why not try both of them in a tour? We will decide everything together and you can make adjustments based on your budget.

Take as a reference the prices for our suggested multi-day tours. When designing your custom tour, we'll come with an offer as soon as possible and we wish to be very transparent regarding the costs and the program we propose.

To reserve your trip, we require a deposit of €200 per person for a 7+ days tour and €120 for a 4+ days tour.


We are experts in cycling in Transylvania, but still, all decisions are made together with our clients. You can look into our offer and change it again and again until all details meet your expectations.


In the preparation stage of any custom tour we’ll give you advice regarding the best located airport for your trip and the best ways to get from the airport to the city. At the end of the tour we’ll transfer you to one of the main cities in Transylvania or to their connecting airport, from where you can continue your trip. Depending on the tour chosen these cities are Sibiu, Cluj–Napoca, Sighișoara, Brașov or Oradea.


This is a cycling tour but that doesn't mean riding the bicycle is all you can do. When possible, we can also slip in short hikes, horse riding or spend a day in a local farm, especially if the tour is a private one, organized for you and your friends.


Usually a multi-day tour goes from 2 to 8 days.


If you have cycled with us in the past, you’ll receive a small present from our side. We’ll offer you a 10% discount for any guided long tour when you choose to return.