Biertan Day Trip

One day cycling tour in which we'll ride on small and quite roads through time forgotten Saxon villages. The highlights of the trip are the famous Biertan fortified church and a small traditional workshop which produces clay roof tiles. The workshop is part of a restoration project that tries to save the old Saxon architecture.

Route: Ighișu Vechi - Zlagna - Richiș - Biertan - Pelișor - Apoș - Ighișu Vechi - 60 km (37 mile)

The trip will begin with a 50 minutes car transfer to Ighișu Vechi, from where we will start riding on a winding road towards Zlagna and Richiș, a village known in the yore days for its terraced vineyards.  Soon after, following a long and pleasant descent we will arrive in Biertan, famous for its fortified church. Back in the days, Biertan became a true economic centre of the region and was also designated as the centre of the Saxon Episcopate in the 16th century, thus becoming a craved target by many invaders. Therefore it needed a very imposing church surrounded by strong ramparts. The construction began in the early 16th century, hence its late Gothic hall church shape. It kept its aspect ever since and the elements inside are items of precious heritage value. As soon as you step in, you will be fascinated by the imposing altar with its 28 painted panels, the 16th century pulpit, the hand carved pews, the old Anatolian carpets and by the impressive vestry door.

After a short break at a restaurant terrace next to the rampart wall, we will continue our trip towards Apoș, where we'll visit a traditional roof tiles workshop. Here you will learn about the old technique of producing roof tiles, about the last people in the area who still have this knowledge and about the efforts made for preserving and passing this skill to the new generations. You will find out that the workshop is part of a bigger project which has the ambition of saving the traditional architecture of the Saxon villages. Villa Abbatis, another great project in the same village of Apoș, will be our host for the last coffee break before returning to the starting point of the trip and heading back to Sibiu.


  • guide
  • fully equipped bikes
  • car transfer
  • fruits, nuts, snacks and water.


  • lunch is not included, but can be arranged at your request.

Distance:60km | Ascent:590m | Descent:590m

Starting from Sibiu

Car transfer to Ighișu Vechi ~45 minutes.

Suitable for any weather.

90% asphalt - 10% gravel

7-8 h

* 1 pers - €105

2 pers - €85/pers.

3-6 pers - €70/pers.

* One person tours can be arranged with maximum one week prior to the date of the ride

Book your trip anytime between April and October

Please check our reservation calendar before booking a tour.